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 Scabiosa Trenta DTG 

 “refreshing sprucely” 


 It is a blend of following distillates: 

 - juniper, 
 - coffee cherry, 
 - spruce. 

A harmonious taste of the

Scabiosa Trenta Dry Tergeste Gin 

is a reflection of the Tergeste region

where the Mediterranean faces the Alps

Scabiosa Trenta Dry Tergeste Gin was inspired

by the life of Mr Julius Kugy.  He was at the beginning

of the 20th century a well known Trieste coffee trader and

botanist who had searched for a mysterious flower

Scabiosa Trenta in the Julian Alps. 

Dry Tergeste Gin Scabiosa Trenta Tržaški džin
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