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 Duino Elegy DTG 


 It is a blend of following distillates: 

 - juniper, 

 - coffee cherry, 

 - thyme, 

 - elderflower, 

 - coriander (maceration). 

 Duino Elegy Dry Tergeste Gin was inspired by the poetry of

Reiner Maria RilkeIn 1912 Rilke was invited to

Duino Castle by Princess Marie von Thurn und Taxis. 

 A floral taste of the DuinoElegyDTG is a reflection of this place, 

 where Rilke while walking along the cliffs overlooking the Adriatic sea, 

 claimed to hear a voice calling to him speaking the words 

 of the first lines of the first Duino Elegy. 

Dry Tergeste Gin Duino Elegy Tržaški džin
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