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Martin Žužek Kres, an anthropologist, subconsciously addicted by the Tergeste region: "Through spirit blends, I would like to write down chapters of the story a Tergeste region tells us."

Martin Zuzek Kres


Different DTGs are like chapters in a book, each inspired by the literature and lives people created and lived there.


DTG & Caskas are inspired by the life and words of Mr Julius Kugy, once a known Trieste coffee trader, a botanist of the Karst plateau, and a mountain explorer, who never made an alpine excursion without a Brinjevec in his pocket.


The #DuinoElegyDTG is inspired by the poetry of Reiner Maria Rilke, who was poetically inspired by the land near the Duino Castle which belongs to Tergeste region.

Coffee Cherry Cascara


Krucefix is a unique handcrafted distillery. The whole Krucefix range is 100% natural products without any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or emulsifiers. Distillates contain only quality alcohol fermented entirely from the tree, plant or fruit used.

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Krucefix Distillery

MIXED with

Since one of the appealing points of difference of Dry Tergeste Gin is a blend of juniper & coffee cherry aromas, we found a perfect companion in the Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic Water.

Thomas Henry coffee tonic
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