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... a pure distilled essence of juniper, characteristically blended with

a unique coffee cherry spirit ...

& associated botanicals.

In a tradition, a uniqueness was found...

... in a tradition of the Karst and Trieste.

There are two appealing points of difference:



DTG is a #BotanicalJuniperSpirit based on the Karst Brinjevec, which is a geographically protected pure juniper distillate from fermented & distilled juniper berries.


If we compare: on average, for a liter

of a London Dry Gin we need 20 g of juniper. But for a distillation of 1 liter of ‘Brinjevec’ about 8 kg of juniper is needed. Therefore, for the ‘Brinjevec’, you need 400 times more juniper!

Read more about 'brinjevec': Wikipedia >>



Second attractive point of difference is

that we developed a unique


A distillate from the dried husk of a coffee fruit

is something exceptionally unique

(according to our information

the first and only in the world!).

The dried coffee cherry is known as 'cascara'.

It is dried pulp and shell of a coffee cherry.

Read more about the coffee cherry: Wikipedia >>

Through a juniper spirit of #Brinjevec the Karst tradition

and through #CoffeeCherryDistillate a coffee tradition of Trieste

are intertwined with other botanicals,

which aromatically tell us stories about

the Tergeste terroir.

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