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Dry Tergeste Gin is different!

DTG is a botanical juniper spirita special gin category.

DTG is #BrinjevecGinStyle.


Caskas is unique!

It is made from the fermented

coffee-cherry cáscara = dried coffee-fruit husk.

Caskas is #CoffeeCherryDistillate.

  TergesteSpirits are innovative  

TergesteSpirits are inspired by the life and words of Mr Julius Kugy, once a known Trieste coffee trader, a botanist of the Karst plateau, and a mountain explorer, who never made an alpine excursion without a Brinjevec juniper spirit in his pocket.

"Through spirit blends,

I would like to write down chapters

of the story, a Tergeste region tells us."

                                                                - Martin Žužek Kres, TergesteSpirits founder

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